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Why I can't find my orders?

There are several common reasons why Amazon orders are not showing up on orders page.

Unconnected store

Bafulia can only access orders automatically from an Amazon store which was connected to Bafulia. For how to connect your store with Bafulia, check here.

Payment Status

Bafulia only shows paid orders in Amazon, check the order if it is paid by your customer or not.

Time lag

There is time lag between order paid on Amazon and automatically downloaded on your Bafulia account. If you want to fulfill payments for future orders automatically, you should go to My account>E-wallet page to allow us to deduct automatically from your E-wallet balance to pay the pending orders.

Product Is Not Synced With Bafulia

If none of the above reasons apply, it means that the product(s) is not synced with Bafulia.

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