TF Card MP3 Decoding Module 3.7-5V Power 2W Mixed Mono Memory Player Module

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Product Description


3.7 Lithium battery or USB 5V can be powered with 2W mono amplifier. The maximum output is 3W for 5V power supply, 1V33REG DVDD33 digital power supply 3.3V.
V50REG VMCU/BAT lithium battery input, 3.3V~5V.
VSSREG DVSS Digital signal is grounded.
DACOL DACL Left channel audio signal output.
VCOM Vref The center point of the audio signal, please plug in 1uF capacitor regulator.
DACOR DACR Right channel audio signal output.
LINEIN_R LineInR+L LineIn left + right input.


Size: 37.09x22.33x2.97 mm / 1.46x0.87x0.11 inch
The GPD2846A is a chip designed for MP3 players with FM radio and LineIn functions.
Support MP3 playback format.
It can play T card/SD card, U disk, FM, and external audio source (LineIn), then insert the first broadcast, or switch by Mode key.
It automatically detects whether the earphone is plugged in, and accordingly, the external power amplifier is directly switched by the IO port (Mute), and the external triode is not required.
Support to store the volume, number of songs, ... in T card / SD card, U disk, user can save EEPROM
It can automatically detect whether the external EEPROM is used and decide whether to store the settings in EEPROM or T card/SD card or USB flash drive.
A variety of key combinations are implemented with one AD-key port.
There are two sets of AD-key keyboards to choose from.
Supports 3 FM radio chips: RDA5807, BK1080 and RTC6207E.
Infrared remote control is not supported.
USB device mode is not supported.
Support for USB audio mode.

Package Includes:

1 piece TF card MP3 decoding module