MR9270S 4-20mA Signal Generator Calibration Current Voltage Thermocouple

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Product Description


Smart Mr.Singal 2.0 series MR9270S multifunction signal generator+PID+MODBUS+recording instrument 4-in-1.Universal 4MM signal test plug.
Handy Paperless Recorder: 20000 recording points; 2 recording ways,it can record input or ouput signal source from MR9270S signal generator, also read and record signal data from Modbus slave station device.
MODBUS RTU Master Station: visit up to 30 MODBUS RTU slave stations and less thanRegisters. Monitor, modify parameter online and create variate list on slave station device with MODBUS RTU Agreement. PID Controller: positional PID control panel,at most 32 control points can be set.

Basic functions: fast multi-signal transformation; selecting bit direction keyboard and numeric keyboard numerical value input mode; measuring range display and output; programming setting output; user-defined timing sequence output;signal converter.
Smart Precision Multifunction Test: current signal test;Voltage signal test; Electric millivolt test;Frequency signal test;Resistance signal test.


Brand: LANYI
Working Current: 4-20mA
Display Screen: TFT Color 320*240
Signal Output/Input Module: mA, V, HZ, mV, Ω , 24V
Size: 92x70x32 mm/3.62x2.75x1.25 inch
Power Supply : 5V/1A USB Cable Port or 2x14500 Li-ion battery(Not Included Battery)
Working Temperature: 0-50 ℃
Signal Type:
Current output/input
Voltage output/input
Passive power(XMT)
Frequency/PWM/Rotate speed output/input
Millivolt/thermocouple output/input
Hot resistance output/input
24V(transmitter power supply)

Extended Procedure Function:
Programming automatic rise and fall output
9 Group preset output
Signal linear conversion
RS485 communication interface/Modbus agreement
VCOM Map to Modbus slave station
Firmware upgrade
Real-time curve recording

Dedicated Function:
Pulse signal Quantitative output
Impulsing accumulation
Modbus master station
USB to RS485 serial port
20 thousand of recording points paperless recorder
Multistage PID control panel

Package Includes:

1 piece MR9270S signal generator
4 piece 10A/4MM Test clip
1 piece Charger
1 piece USB cable
1 piece RS485 Adapter
1 piece Manual
1 piece RS485 communication cable
1 piece Tool Bag


Please read manual carefully before using