IRS2092 Class D Amplifier Board / Mono Power Amplifier Board 700W 4Ω/350W 8Ω

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Product Description


Adopts IRS2092, IRFB23N15D, 20A high current shielding inductor to ensure the sound is crisp and powerful.
The main circuit of the first-class electrolytic capacitor signal, the main filter capacitor uses a capacity of 4700UF/80V*4, and adopts a 25*2 (50A) rectifying flat bridge to ensure a strong and continuous power support.
The resistor uses a five-ring metal resistor, and the main circuit uses a five-ring metal film resistor with an accuracy of ±1% to ensure a good signal-to-noise ratio.
The PCB adopts 1.6mm thick double-sided sheet, 2.0 oz copper thickness, and the whole process of tin-spraying ensures the good passing performance of the current. First-class PCB quality.
Specially added UPC1237 horn protection circuit, 30A relay control, effectively control the impact sound of the boot, making your horn safer.


Maximum output power: 350W/8Ω AC dual 50V power supply, distortion<0.1%
Voltage amplification: 36 times (positive phase amplification)
Input sensitivity: 1.6V (effective value)
Input impedance: 14KΩ
Frequency response: 0-50KHz ±1dB 10W/8Ω
Remaining noise voltage: 200uV
Dynamic range: >100dB

Package Includes:

1 Piece IRS2092 Stereo Amp Board