8 Channel Audio Stereo high-power Headphone Amplifier Mixer Monitor

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Product Description


The A966 is a high-quality 8-channel high-power headphone amplifier headphone splitter that perfectly drives a variety of high-impedance professional monitor headphones with built-in intercom function.

It provides 8 stereo channels for output, each channel can drive 16Ω-600Ω headphones, without loss of quality and distortion.

A separate 6.5mm stereo-related input port is also provided for easy connection to other devices in the studio; in addition, it provides a single-channel microphone intercom input for easy intercom in the internal channel.

The circuit uses the OP + BUG architecture and uses AC12V transformer power to ensure a powerful drive.

It has a wide range of applications, including band rehearsal / studio recording / home entertainment / music enjoy / business headset distribution comparison.


Input port:

Stereo 1/4TRS jack for intercom, such as microphone microphone

Left and right channels L and R, 1/4 TS jacks, can be connected to input signal sources, such as computer sound card sources or mixers

Output port:

4 6.35mm stereo 1/4 headphone jacks

4 3.5mm stereo 1/8 headphone jacks

4 independent channel stereo volume output control knobs

Package Includes:

1Piece Headphone Computer Amplifier Splitter