5A Over-Current Protection Relay Flow Protecting Detection Sensor Module 24V

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Product Description


Working voltage: DC24V
Working current:<20MA
Operating frequency range: 20Hz~400Hz
Output mode: switch signal output
Large detection wire diameter: 5.2mm
Mounting hole: hole diameter is 3mm, hole pitch is 52.5mm
Working environment: -40 ° C ~ +85 ° C
Current detection resolution can be changed by resistance parameter setting
Output overcurrent switch signal output
Overcurrent signal setting threshold is adjustable, current detection range AC 0.3-5A


Board size: 38x44mm
Interface Description:
VCC: positive working voltage;
GND: the working voltage is negative;
NO: Normally open end, the NO and COM are disconnected before the relay is pulled in, and shorted after the suction;
COM: public end, relay common interface;
NC: Normally closed end, the NC is shorted to COM before the relay is pulled in, and is disconnected after the suction;

Package Includes:

1x 5A overcurrent protection sensor module